Free EXPRESS worldwide shipping | One year warranty
Free EXPRESS worldwide shipping | One year warranty



We are a contemporary eyewear brand inspired by the idea that a single accessory can make a statement about one's character or mood. In times of diversity promotion we want to bring more bold decisions to the world of safe eyewear choices. Combining modern designs and time tested technologies allows us to offer high quality and long lasting eyewear for a fair price.






Supernormal offers a selection of high quality sunglasses as well as optics and prescription eyewear. To ensure long wearability and maximum comfort all of our products are handcrafted from plant based plastic - premium cellulose acetate and has built-in acetate nose pads as well as UV protection and polarised lenses for all the sunnies.

Only small batches of each model are factored to help us minimize the cost of production and storage which allows us to offer our product for a fair price.




Our goal is to empower everyday people to make bold decisions and free themselves from whatever the standards they live within. We have a strong view about mass consumption therefore we aim to create high quality long lasting products for a fair price.