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"Supernormal Nipples" Art Print


Ladies and gentlemen, this illustration is by Eglė Plytnikaitė.

About the illustrator:

She is a freelance illustrator and creative based in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
Her works are minimal, colorful and conceptually driven, often utilizing subtle textures that give her works vintage warmth whilst maintaining contemporary aesthetics.
Eglė frequently works on a range of socialeditorial and commercial projects for a diverse range of clientsHer goal as an illustrator is to create works
that catch your eye and challenge worldview.

About this print:

While breasts are often hyper-sexualized in advertisement and popular media, women are asked to cover when breastfeeding and erase their nipples in fine-art photography. Isn’t it time to change this?
All kinds of nipples are supernormal and there is no point to hide them!

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