"Ambitious" Art Print


Ladies and gentlemen, this illustration is by Jekaterina 

About the illustrator:

Jekaterina is an illustrator, who graduated from design at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She has been mastering her drawing skills and abilities to transfer ideas into images for over ten years. Jekaterina mostly works in advertisement field. She enjoys travelling, taking long walks and her heart belongs to the mountains. She is also inspired by simple, yet good food, music, friends, unknown people, solitude and silent moments, literature and cinema,
and the resources found on the internet. In her works the idea, the story, laying behind the picture is always very important. She says she is very satisfied when the minimal expression is the outcome.

About this illustration:

She wouldn’t want to limit spectators’ imagination, she’d like to give the absolute freedom of interpretation, she thinks it is the most correct way to comprehend piece of art, when the goal is not to give the author ’s biography. She says she’ll  only gives what’s obvious – the main figures of my work are strong, big, sometimes gigantic, ambitious, fighting, sometimes weak and always imperfect women. 

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